The Amazing and Caring Team At Tsubota Dental Care

Angie Marcucilli –

Front Desk Associate

A lifelong resident of Oakland, Angie has been a Front Desk Associate since 2018 and may be one of the friendly voices you’ll encounter on the phone or at our office. “My favorite thing about working is interacting with and helping the patients! I also really enjoy spending time with my coworkers.” Angie likes to paint and draw in her spare time and also coaches young cheerleaders in Oakland.

Some fun facts about Angie:

“I want to be a nurse when I’m older!”
“I’m a left handed human living in a right handed world!”
“I’ve binge watched 10 seasons of “Friends” 3 times so far!”

“When you’re working with good people it brings good things out in you” – Martha Plimpton

Amy Marcucilli –

Dental Assistant

Amy has been a chair side dental assistant with Dr. Tsubota since 2018 and always finds a way to connect with patients despite the layers of PPE, masks and shields she wears. “I love interacting with the patients at the office, making them smile and having a laugh with my coworkers!” Outside of the office Amy loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is currently studying nursing at William Paterson University!

Some fun facts about Amy:

“I tore my ACL and got surgery….twice!”
“I love watching Criminal Minds and any shows like it!”
“I have a very cute brown and black Guinea Pig named Charlotte.”
“I love coffee, art, and taking naps!”

“To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.” – John Adams

Gabi Scolpino –

Dental Assistant

Gabi has been a dental assistant with us since 2014 when she was attending IHA. She is now in her final year of pre med studies at Gettysburg College. She is a ball of energy and an invaluable employee who has been with us thru thick and thin. “I love that I really get to know the patients personally. Not only does that improve my relationship with them and their relationship with Dr. Tsubota, but I also get to learn about other cultures, recipes, and different stores and restaurants they recommend that I otherwise would not know. I also love my coworkers and the relationship I have with each of them!”

Some fun facts about Gabi:

“I am always at the gym!”
“I am a “Dog-Mom” to a little “boy” named Brody.”
“I am Pre-Med (Not sure if that is very “fun”).”
“I love meeting new people to learn more about the world.”
“I studied abroad in Jordan.”

“You got to figure out which end of the needle you’re going to be; the one that’s fastened to the thread or the end that pierces the cloth” – Sue Monk Kidd

Corrine Manzolilo –

Front Desk Associate

Corrine has been at the front desk since 1997 and has helped countless patients with their appointments, insurance concerns and dental related questions. “I enjoy speaking to our patients. Over the years you get to know them like family. The office has been my home away from home for over 20 years. It makes me feel good to help in any way the patients need.” A mother of five, Corrine enjoys walking on the beach and looking for sand dollars with her daughters. She enjoys sunsets, playing the piano and making chocolates.

Fun facts about Corrine:

Corrine has a beautiful singing voice
Corrine has cantered at OLPH and Immaculate Conception parishes
Corrine and Dr. Tsubota are founding participants in the Oakland Folk Festival which ran from 2010 to 2019

“I enjoy baking recipes with my children. I enjoy going to Wildwood with my family.”

Dawn Weber –

Dental Hygienist

Dawn has been working for Dr. Tsubota since 1990 and has been a foundation to the hygiene staff. Always ready to laugh and welcome patients into her hygiene room, Dawn has made friends with everyone she treats. “I enjoy working with my patients and all the girls in the office. We have a lot of laughs & we make a good team.” When away from the office, Dawn enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. She loves the outdoors and the beach, and loves going to concerts and listening to all types of music, especially country.

Fun Facts about Dawn:

Dawn started as a dental assistant with Dr. Tsubota at the age of 17
I’ve lived in Oakland for most of my life and recently moved to Pompton Plains.”
“I have a 17 year old son and about to have 2 more stepchildren, 11 & 18 when i get married next year!“

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!”

Jaelene Palao –

Dental Assistant

Jaelene is our newest employee, starting in 2020 and spending time with us when she is not pursuing her B.S. in Biology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. She is currently the Orientation Program Student Coordinator, a Peer Advisor, one of two Peer Facilitation Interns, and the VP of the Filipino-American Student Association. Jaelene is a natural when it comes to dental assisting and is considering a career in Dentistry. “I really enjoy the work environment and everyone in the office. Everyone is very kind and welcoming. It’s fun coming to work, meeting new people, and learning all at the same time.” When not at the office, and away from her school work, Jaelene relaxes in front of Netflix, playing with her 2 dogs, and hanging out with her family. Recently she’s loving playing “Animal Crossing” on her Nintendo Switch.

Fun Facts about Jaelene:

“I currently have a black belt in Karate!”
“I ran hurdles in high school track despite being 5 ft, 1 in!”
“I come from a very large family.”
“I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I’m definitely a Ravenclaw!”

“Today is another day to get better.” I think that everyday I try my best to do my best and every day signifies a new way for me to do so. In everything I do, especially at work, I make sure to do all that I can that day and then some. Self-growth is constant and the possibilities to grow are endless.

Julia Kunz –

Front Desk Associate

Julia is in one of two sister pairs in our office and half of the Kunz “twin” team. She’s been at our office since 2019 and so full of energy she seems to operate in fast forward! “What I like most about my job is that I get to interact with patients! You don’t know what questions or concerns you’ll have to field but I enjoy the challenge and feel a true sense of accomplishment when I can help someone!” In her free time Julia bakes, reads, plays golf and the piano (but not at the same time!) She also enjoys biking, playing board games with her family and has recently developed an interest in photography.

Some fun facts about Julia:

“I have a twin sister!”
“I like to listen to Christmas music all year long because it brings me joy!”
“I also know how to crochet and knit and enjoy making gifts for my family!”

“Spread Love everywhere you go” -Mother Teresa

Angela Johnsen –

Front Desk Associate

Angela has been a faithful employee since 2014 when she was attending IHA. Angela is now in her Senior year at Felician University working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. You can find Angela behind the front desk, always ready to help our patients with a smile and a calm manner. “I enjoy helping patients solve problems and providing them with the information they’re seeking.” Her favorite pastimes are playing board games with family and friends. Angela also likes attending concerts, especially rock shows.

Some fun facts about Angela:

“I’m a cat person”
“I’m a Scorpio”
“I don’t particularly enjoy cheesecake!”

“Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give them yours!”

Charlene Ceresnak –

Dental Assistant

Charlene has been with us for over 30 years and has helped countless patients through their dental appointments. She stepped down as Lead Dental Assistant in 2019 but still remains attached to the office in an administrative role. We just couldn’t say “Good-bye” to Char! Charlene enjoys baking, cooking, and crafting when she is not busy with her three grandchildren. She can be found at her oldest grandson’s baseball games, shopping with her granddaughter, or running after her toddler grandson. “I so enjoyed my many years working for Dr. Tsubota. The office felt like home with a great family! I’m retired now because I care for our new grandson but I love going into the office once a week to do ordering and other paperwork.”

Some fun facts about Charlene:

“I love dogs and one day I’d like to work with them.”
Charlene is a talented Chocolatier
Charlene and her husband have visited almost all 50 states. “We’ll see four more when we go to the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 2021!”

“I have always loved being a dental assistant. I enjoy working with the patients and making sure their visit to the office is a pleasant experience.”

Joanna Kunz –

Dental Assistant

Joanna has been a dental assistant alongside Dr. Tsubota since 2019 and is one of the most hard working and organized employees we’ve ever encountered. She is the other half the “twin” team with her sister, Julia. Joanna is quiet by nature but don’t let that fool you! You will be pleasantly surprised by her wit and humor. In her free time, Joanna relishes baking tasty treats, especially cookies and cakes. She enjoys sewing and can frequently be found reading a good book.  She also enjoys hiking and doing anything outdoors. “What I like about my job is that everything is organized and that I am exposed to new and different experiences!”

Some fun facts about Joanna:

“I am a twin!”
“Twins run in my family.”
“I like to learn new things!”

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” -Theodore Roosevelt